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The rotary positive displacement blower is widely used for pneumatic conveying applications, where the operating pressure does not exceed about 1,0 bar.

Blowers are probably the most common used type of compressor for dilute phase conveying systems. They provide an ideal match, in terms of pressure capability, with the conventional low pressure rotary valve, and is a typically working combination in many plants. Positive displacement blowers are generally bio-rotational, so that they can be used as vacuum pumps or exhausters as well as blowers.

The principle of the blower, which is available in sizes for handling of up to about 560m3/min, is illustrated at the right.

Twin rotors are mounted on parallel shafts within a casing, and they rotate in opposite directions. As the rotors turn, air is drawn into the spaces between the rotors and the casing wall, and is transported from the inlet to the outlet without compression. As the outlet port is reached, compression takes place when the air in the delivery pipe flows back and meets the trapped air.

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